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Throughout the European Union customers expect safe food on their plate. Therefore the European Commission and the Member States have developed EU harmonized feed and food legislation in order to provide a transparent legal basis for EU producers and customers covering the food chain from the farm to the fork.
Besides addressing feed safety this legislation aims at facilitating trade within the internal market by providing uniform requirements. The legislator invites the European feed producing sectors to develop European guides to good practice in order to provide guidance to the responsible operator on the implementation of these legal requirements and beyond.

The European code to good practice for the industrial manufacturing of safe feed materials (EFISC) was initiated as a shared commitment of the starch industry (AAF) and the oil and protein meal industry (FEDIOL). EFISC aims to provide an EU harmonised, voluntary feed safety assurance scheme for the feed materials industry. As such it will facilitate market demand in the ongoing globalisation of the feed chain.

The EFISC initiative started off with the European guide to good practice for the industrial manufacturing of safe feed materials, developed by the sector and endorsed by the European Commission and the EU Member States as of the 1st of July 2010.
The European guide is available in all EU languages for ease of use. The document is available on the website www.efisc.eu. EFISC then turned the guide into a certifiable feed safety assurance scheme."

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