"Nuclear medicine which is often referred to as molecular imaging involves the patient administration of an imaging drug containing a radioactive substance (i.e. a radiopharmaceutical). The patient is then given an medical scan using state of the art imaging detection instrumentation with associated computing systems. The locations of the radioactive material are detected and presented as computerised 3D human images and these are very accurate methods of tracking chemical processes in the body. Each radiopharmaceutical tracks a different set of chemical processes associated with different diseases.

This very precise imaging method provides highly sensitive detection levels and extremely accurate positioning of pathology for many disease states such as cancer, neurological disorders and heart disease etc. Radiopharmaceutical R&D, the manufacture and logistics of isotope products, the radioactive patient administration, the supply & operation of imaging scanners and the generating clinical information to support diagnostic decision-making are all subject to numerous radiological, safety and health regulatory requirements, both internationally across Europe and within individual countries. For this demanding regulatory landscape, AIPES provides a coordinated industry approach encompassing a broad range of technical disciplines. "

SPECT & planar scintigraphy for dummies